Friday, July 18, 2014

Relationship vs (Early) Marriage

Well, okay, this is not really a Wifey blog from my experience, as I am still a 'girlfriend' now. But, it's okay to post about a wife things and thinks, right? I can share about wives life as what I heard and seen. And I just hope I can keep writing this blog as a wife in future. 

Most of my friends are married now (it's not me who is late to get married, but they are just too early! Haha!). And most of them already had babies! Oh my, for me, I am not mentally ready to become a young mom (18-25 years old mom).

I have been in a relationship with the most amazing man, Kelvin, for more than 5 years. It's been a long long story for us to build a really strong relationship since we were in college. We are working hard together and we just bought a house with our own money (exactly on 1st January 2014).

I am really happy that I have a boyfriend who gives me chances to decide what I want to do. Even he likes me to decide everything, even where to eat, where to buy things, and everything about him. 

We have plan to get married next year, and we are trying to make it happen. Another happy things in life, I know that I will have a future with him. I don't need to be a princess that wait for his proposal. I want to plan our new life together, only two of us. 

Talking about early marriage, as Indonesian, especially Medan Chinese, most of marriages are all parents decision and intervention. Most, not all, actually. Parents to decide when, where, (how?), their children will get married. All the wedding receptions, money, house that couple will leave are well prepared by parents. I am not saying that their children are having no jobs or money, but how young-fresh graduated-couples could have a lot of savings, instead from their parents.

Sometimes I envy these young couples, because they don't have to think how they will pass their life without any worries (maybe). 

No offense, guys. I am just telling the truth, this is what I heard and seen (as I mentioned above). Besides, helping children in their marriage is not prohibited by law mah... 

In the other hand, there was one reason of early marriage, there might be a 'responsibility' of couples, to give happiness to their parents by giving them grandchildren.

The most important thing, as long the couples are ready, know how to settle every problems and promise to share their life in happiness or sadness, there are no restrictions how old you should be married.

What I love the most from my boyfriend, that we always have same thoughts too. He ever tweeted : "To all couple out there : Marriage isn't about how early or fast we need to, but how long we can keep and protect it." I am loving him more and more as he is so mature and always living in reality.