Saturday, July 25, 2015

Prewed Photoshoot

Tiring day!
It's the first time I need to say. But it was really fun.
I took 1 day leave from office on 24th July 2015 to take my prewed photoshoot.

Since early 2014, I have booked one of famous bridal in Medan, New York Art Bridal. At the first time I chose this bridal because when I came to their booth during bridal exhibition at Sun Plaza, I saw so many good pictures taken with all floral theme, which I really love it so much. The same with my boyfriend who is also agree with my opinion. So, we just go inside and one-two marketing staffs said their greetings and showed us their photo albums. Seeing their several photos, price list and location they gave for outdoor photoshoot, without any long discussion with my boyfriend, we decided to take this bridal. They gave some discount, free frame upgrade and vouchers during exhibition. We gave down payment around IDR 3.5million to proceed the booking.

Early 2015, when we already got our wedding date, we went to the bridal and saw that they have done full renovation and with great decoration of course. We are trying to find their marketing staff which was dealing with us at exhibition, but she already resigned. So, receptionist told me to wait and they will find the marketing replacement. After few minutes, one marketing staff are coming and serve us politely. Prewed date could not be booked yet as it is still too early. She promised to call me when she has set the date.

Few months later, she called me and gave the date, and I chose Sunday for my prewed photoshoot. She said the date and I am okay with the date. But few weeks later, she called me back, asking me politely whether I could change my prewed date as it's still too early again for photoshoot and told me that there might be new gowns for me to choose. At last, we agreed on 24th July.

On the weekend, I went to that bridal again for gowns' fitting. They have a lot of white gowns, and all is amazing. I am a bit disappointed with cocktail gown or party gown which is not really good as in photo albums. You have to pay some additional cost to get more beautiful gowns which is not cheap, around IDR1-2 million for one time photoshoot. So I decided not to take this additional cost and finding the gowns from the wardrobe they provided. Trying several gowns, I feel a bit tired as I need to choose so many gowns which are in small size. I am not really sure whether I am still very fat or the gowns provided is too small. I have lost 9kgs and still fat meh? LOL. Note from me, you have to give tips for the staff that helping you for fitting in the beginning, if you don't want to see their frown face.

On 23rd July, we went to bridal for final fitting. I saw many new gown and decided to change my gown again. The staff (who I already gave big tips) said okay.

Okay, on the D day, I and my boyfriend arrived bridal before 7 AM. The bridal is already opened but I need to wait for 15 mins for the make up artist. Tomy, the make up artist came and we started the make up and hair session.

We started from the indoor photoshoot. Fredy, the photographer, who is quite funny and friendly. We have great photoshoot in studio, felt a bit disappointed as I can not choose studio I want. They said studios in another floor are still in renovation progress.

They provided lunch for us. So after lunch, we are ready for outdoor photoshoot. The outdoor placed at Wonderland, special photo location for New York Art bridal only.
It took more than 1 hour by car.

It was really hot when we arrived there and after changing, we started our photoshoot immediately. I asked for place that has a lot of flowers. And photographer suggests lavender garden, pool and other sweet garden. I saw so many gardens with different flowers and views. I didn't have time to look around while it was really hot and I have to climb up the hills with wedding gown. I focused not to fall down. We were prohibited take any pictures using our own camera there and no other guests there besides customers and bridal staffs.

When we were almost done, rain was falling heavily. So we stopped and satisfied as we took many photos in so many spots.

I will get back soon with our prewed photo results! Can't wait too!

Note : Always prepared your own accessories, and slipper for outdoor photoshoot if you don't want a wedding-muddy-shoes.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Good Seller or Marketing

Sharing about how to sell something or provide services need 'manner', especially in online services. 

We are fully understand that not all of your customer is going to buy your products or use your service. But as a seller or marketing, it's your risk and obstacle. Money is not easy to get, isn't it?

I saw so many sellers nowadays, selling without any smiles, didn't reply your questions or only replied to questions that you asked or answered arrogantly. 

Are the sellers thinking that the customers who asked something meaning they won't buy anything? Wrong. Sometimes when buyer met sellers who didn't give any welcome, they will just stop and go away. Asking for the product or services details are the part of buyers' right, and answering in details are the sellers' obligation.

I feel very pity for them when I met sellers like this and thinking how they could sell their products for long period if they stay in bad 'manner'? Usually I will say nothing and just walk away or stop buying things from them. Market is bigger now, I can find anything I want somewhere else. So why should I stay buying things with sellers who didn't respect people who are going to buy and give money/profit to them? 

Well, that's my opinion about selling 'manner'.

Do you have any experience meeting those kind of sellers? What will you do? 

Friday, February 6, 2015

Diet and Sports

Well, the same with others, I should tell that I am on diet now. Tell the truth, I am not a healthy food eater. My body is really not in a good shape, with these fatty things on my belly, thighs, and back. Oh I just can't take a picture of my whole body to show to you guys.  

Lately, I have to start and try to keep healthy by eating healthy food and have a healthy body and mind. The other reason actually is just the same with other women, it's because of marriage. Haha... We need to look good, slim and perfect on prewedding picture and of course in wedding party. It is time when all your relatives and friends are looking at you as a queen. Haha... 

Well, I started with joining gym five months ago. I joined aerobic classes everyday, like dancing class, body combat, body language, and yoga. Two classes (two hours) in a day, 5-6 days in a week. It's just kind of addiction when you see the result. So far, I have lost 8 kgs weigh. Haha! 

Aerobic class really help me a lot in burning calories. I always join night time after work. Usually I will drink a cup of low fat chocolate milk or wheat cookies on 5 PM or an hour before class. It's just to give me extra stamina. 

I also have tried cold-pressed juice or everybody called detox juice. Although the juices are quite expensive, but I think the taste and result was good. After drinking this juice, I think I had diarrhea but without any pain on stomach. It seems like I had thrown out the toxins from my body. 


I drink detox juice in the morning (with fruits ingredients) or with wheat bread and egg, sometimes I will eat whole wheat tuna for variation. 

I eat 6-7 spoon of red rice. I am not really anti-salty foods. I will eat any meat (fish, chicken, pork) with variant recipes. Fried is okay for me as long I don't eat it much. Vegetable is a must in your lunch package.


I eat after gym too, sometimes I drink detox juice (with vegetable ingredients). Any kind of soups are the best choice. Appetizer is all kind of fruits. Peanuts (boiled) are the best choice for snacks. Sometimes you will also have dinner at party or while hang out with friends, for me, it's okay to eat anything, but don't go to sleep directly if you still feel full. Usually I will take another sports again the next day to burn the calories as well.

All you need is just a commitment in doing your diet. Diet never starts tomorrow. 

You can also have a 'free day' once in a month to eat everything you want to eat without worry how much the calories, how much the fat, and bla bla. E.g. buffet... Haha...

Those are my diet and sports way to lost my weight to share to you guys. What about yours?