Friday, July 3, 2015

Good Seller or Marketing

Sharing about how to sell something or provide services need 'manner', especially in online services. 

We are fully understand that not all of your customer is going to buy your products or use your service. But as a seller or marketing, it's your risk and obstacle. Money is not easy to get, isn't it?

I saw so many sellers nowadays, selling without any smiles, didn't reply your questions or only replied to questions that you asked or answered arrogantly. 

Are the sellers thinking that the customers who asked something meaning they won't buy anything? Wrong. Sometimes when buyer met sellers who didn't give any welcome, they will just stop and go away. Asking for the product or services details are the part of buyers' right, and answering in details are the sellers' obligation.

I feel very pity for them when I met sellers like this and thinking how they could sell their products for long period if they stay in bad 'manner'? Usually I will say nothing and just walk away or stop buying things from them. Market is bigger now, I can find anything I want somewhere else. So why should I stay buying things with sellers who didn't respect people who are going to buy and give money/profit to them? 

Well, that's my opinion about selling 'manner'.

Do you have any experience meeting those kind of sellers? What will you do?