Friday, August 25, 2017

My Miracle is here...

On 19th April 2017, I and husband arrived hospital on 6.30 AM. Directly went to delivery room and waited nurse for last checked up. Nurses came in, asked me to change, checked my blood pressure (which is a bit higher because I am so nervous), put microlax in me to push out the bladder (ouchh it's really hurt!) and USG listening to my baby's heartbeat. Yes, the last heartbeat USG in mommy's tummy and I couldn't wait to hear my baby's heartbeat from my ears.

My papa and mama arrived not long after that, asking me whether I am okay. I felt really not good (because of microlax) and nervous. I was trembling. I asked my husband to hold my cold hands. Anddd, nurses came in again to bring me to operating room. Luckily, doctor allowed my husband to witness my delivery.

When I was outside the operating room waiting for doctor, they didn't allow my husband to go inside first. My anesthetist came and said hello to me. Holding my hands and talk to me. He knows I was nervous and laugh at me. He said it's okay, all will be fine and said good luck to me.

Going inside the operating room, it's really cold. I can't see clearly because they didn't allow me to wear any contact lenses or glasses. After I stopped below the big-with so many-lamps (I don't know what it named), I looked around. Doctor has not arrived yet. But there were some nurses walked and prepared all the delivery things. They listened to Maroon 5 songs, man! Haha! And it made me a bit relaxed.

My anesthetist came in and asked me to sit down. Caesarean birth is not that easy like what people think. He saw my tattoo on my back and spelled it out. I laugh nervously. Then he injected the epidural inside my lower back. Really hurt! I told you it's hurt a lot. Then he asked me to back to sleep position and I slowly can't feel my feet. They tied my both hands, one for blood pressure checking and one to avoid my hand moved.

I waited around 10 minutes until my doctor came in. He said hi to me, and asked me whether I am ready. I said yes. And he asked nurses to call my husband. Inside the operating room, doctor and nurses told jokes. But I didn't (want) to hear what they were saying, just hoping my husband to came in soon. I don't know but I think it's too long, at last my husband came in. Nurse told doctor that my husband is here, and doctor instructed to start the surgery.

My husband directly recorded the process, and touch my cheek to calm me. I heard noises but I don't care. I watched my blood came out and pumping besides me. I was blank and dizzy because of the anesthetic. Then I heard my doctor said "PUSH!" Suddenly my anesthetist besides me pushed my tummy several times. I felt so terribly shocked but then I felt something came out from my tummy and made me feel so free and light. I couldn't see anything but I saw my baby was taken to other place. Pediatrician took my baby and called my husband. I only saw my baby hands swinging while they took them.

Not long, I heard my baby cried! Yes, my baby is here! I cried, could not stop crying. My anesthetist asked me not to cry, and wiped my tears. I heard the pediatrician said loud to my husband, "Your little baby boy was born, normal and complete, length 49 cm, weight 2.7 kg." I said to myself, hey, my baby is so small eh?

My husband came to see me and said, "Hey honey, our baby boy is so handsome!" I laughed and nurse came to let me see my baby. Oh my baby has stopped crying, eye closed but I can see his red lips. I kissed him and cried again. Nurse told me that she had to bring out my baby to clean him. Then, I felt relaxed and nothing I could remember. I think I fell asleep.

I was conscious when nurse pulled me out of operating room. I asked her whether all is going smooth. She smiled and said yes. She put me on a room beside operating room and my husband came. His face was full of happiness. He told me everything happened before and after surgery. And couldn't stop to tell me about

Few minutes later, nurses brought me out and I saw all my family there. They were so happy and said my baby is so cute. I asked them when they see my baby? Nurse brought my baby to let them see before going to baby room. Oh, I felt relief.

In my room, they tried to moved me to my bed, but I couldn't feel and moved my legs. I waited my baby to came to my room until noon time. He came in, so tiny and I had to see him closely even I couldn't move my body. He was sleeping, didn't open his eyes. I called his name, he even didn't move. My sleepyhead.

Needed around 1.5 days so I could move my body. On the first day, nurse keep asking me to move my body. It's really hurt to moved my body. I never felt this hurt before, worst when I was coughing. (Damn!)

On the second day, nurse told me to try to sat and walked. I still could feel all my body didn't cooperative as well. Luckily doctor said all was good and the stitches was drying well. And at last I could carry my baby on my arms. I could smell and touch his soft skin. He opened his eyes when I first carried him. He looked at me with his small eyes and I fell in love with him once again, again and again.

This is like what everyone says, having a baby is a miracle. 💓