Thursday, July 28, 2016

Honeymoon Trip - Boracay (1)

Super late post! Been busy as wife now. Haha! So I will just share things that I remembered.

Years ago, I and boyfriend (husband now) decided Boracay, Philippines as our honeymoon destination. We have seen some reviews and pictures about Boracay and it's beautiful! We saw Air Asia flight promos last year and bought the tickets for February 2016, it's around IDR 4mio for both of us. All the way from Medan - Kuala Lumpur - Kalibo. Hotels booked from Agoda. Total 9 at Boracay and 3 days at KL.

The day has come and we stay at KL for one day and take early flight to Kalibo. At KL, we stayed at Tune Hotel Air Asia, with small-cozy room, but a bit noisy at night. Some people were rushing to catch midnight flight, slam the door and quite disturbing. 

Flight from Kuala Lumpur to Kalibo took around 4 hours. Arriving there around 3 PM. It's really small international airport and disappointed with the toilet. We directly went to SIM Card centre outside the airport. We bought Smart SIM card, activated for 7 days internet mobile data. Forgot about the price, it's around Php 350/each I think. 

Then we saw so many agents promote about their car and boat transport to Boracay. We decided to take All In package (car from airport to Caticlan port, government fee, boat to Boracay, transport from Boracay port to hotel) around Php 2500 for both of us. 

We took some photos while on the way. From airport to port needed more than 2 hours, the driver were so slow and I felt tired. Arriving at the port, it's sooo crowded. Most of them was Korean tourists. We waited for our boat around half an hour. I and husband were a bit shocked to see the boat. It's really small boat and they put our luggage at the top of the boat roof. I was so afraid our luggage would fall to sea. But amazingly, it didn't happen. Haha... 

We read the guide of Boracay before, in here Boracay is divided into 3 stations/area. Briefly, Station 1 for elite and high class hotels, Station 2 is crowded because it's the central of market, mall and midclass hotel, Station 3 is quiet and lower cost hotel.

Arrived Boracay island only around 15 mins and we need to wait for tricycle (they called it Tuk tuk) to our hotel. We told the driver our hotel name, it's Hey Jude hotel. But he didn't really know because they are 2 Hey Jude's hotel, one in Station 2 and another one in Station 3. And he even didn't know when we gave the address. Sigh! 

Luckily one of the agent's guide knew the hotel and walked with us to hotel. It was in Station 3, while the driver put us down in Station 2. Long long walked with luggage and tiring. My husband was already in bad mood because he was so tired. 

To be continued...