Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Grandpa's Girl

Suddenly miss my grandpa right now. He is not staying in Medan, but Pekanbaru, Riau. Well, he is 80 years old this year, but he is still teaching in a school, as Chinese language teacher. He can speak English fluently and keep texting me with English. Proud of him and salute! He likes to drive car alone to his school even we keep asking him to find a driver.

We have tried to ask him to retire this year, but he refused. He told me that he will get retired next two year. 

He has a dream to travel around Indonesia to spend the rest of his life, especially Java, Bali, Lombok (he loves Javanese food, can speak Javanese, ya because he was born and grown up in Malang, Java).I would like to accompany him to go for travelling and spend more time with him.

Lessons that he ever told me, "When you are still alive, do good things. There are no use for you to live with praying all day to ask for yourself, but you never do good things to others" 

And I almost cried when he said, "When I am not here anymore, please keep my photo and you can see me when you miss me."